Hi, come join us!

People are our bread, butter and, well, our coffee. We’re all about having Bean Squeeze customers leave happier and (as they say) happiness starts at home.

We’ve worked hard to develop a culture around remarkability here, so before driving on thru to the job listings, please take the time to read more about our culture and values below.

They’re at the core of how we do things around here and we’re looking for people who feel the same way about team, learning, customer experience (and, coffee memes!)

Positions available:

Listed below are current available positions at Bean Squeeze.

If there is nothing listed, then we don't have any positions available at the moment - sorry, please check back with us soon.

Our Culture

Our guiding philosophy for our customers and for our team is leave happier.

For our team, it's about creating a workplace that's enjoyable. A workplace that provides opportunities for learning, is positive, challenging as well as being somewhere you'll make good friends and always feel supported and encouraged.

For our customers, it's about creating a remarkable experience. A place that feels warm and welcoming, and provides consistently awesome service. We want every visit to Bean Squeeze to feel seamless and hassle-free, where people know the coffee and food is good and they can enjoy a chat while they wait too.   

Our Values

We are Family

Taking care of every team member is always priority.
Keep it fun, friendly and supportive.
Some families fight, forget their manners and often take each other for granted (we're not like that!)



Going the Extra Step

Go above and beyond in every interaction.
Be genuine and engaged.
Make sure people actually do 'leave happier'.



Excellent Ingredients and Process

Quality produce prepared with care always makes for a tops result.
Do things the best way, even if it's the hard way (it often is).
Ask experts if there's an even better way to do it.



Convenience for Customers

Work hard to make things easy.
Bean Squeeze should always be an effortless place to visit.

Any Questions?

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about working at Bean Squeeze. 

Feel free to get in touch here if you have any other queries before applying.

  • Why would I want to join the Bean Squeeze team?

    Because you'll meet new (and great!) people, enjoy a fun and social work environment, work through our training process with our team, and very importantly (!) help us celebrate all things Bean Squeeze at our annual staff party.

  • What can I expect during your application process?

    Whenever we have positions available, we’ll upload the job info on our website and generally let people know via our social media platforms too. To apply, you’ll need to use the link on our website, answer a few questions about yourself, upload your resume and a short intro video. *Please note in order to progress through the process, you need to upload an actual video of yourself - it doesn’t have to be a Logie worthy production, just you saying hello is great! You’ll then receive a call and email confirmation if we’d like you to come in for a group interview at our HQ in Grovedale. If successful, we’ll let you know via phone and organise for you to meet with our Area Manager or People & Culture Manager in one of our stores to begin a 3 day trial period. Once you’ve completed 3 shifts, we’ll confirm whether or not we can offer you an ongoing role. Good luck!

  • I don't have coffee making experience, can I still get a job with Bean Squeeze?

    Absolutely. In the world of coffee making, Bean Squeeze is a pretty unique workplace. We almost prefer new staff not to have previous experience, as we've found it helps when training you up to do things our way.

  • Can I choose which Bean Squeeze store I'll work at?

    Not always (sorry). We know you might prefer one particular store because of where you live or people you know, but we might only have positions available at a different store. You can always put in a request to move stores after you start, and we'll do our best for you.

  • I'm still in High School, can I work at Bean Squeeze?

    Sorry, no. Every team member at Bean Squeeze is required to do some morning shifts during the week. These shifts clash with school hours, so because of the nature of this business we are unable to employ high school students.

  • Will I have to work weekends/early morning shifts?

    Yes, but not every weekend and not every morning! We do as much as we possibly can to be both flexible and fair with team rosters. To get a job with us, you will need to be available on weekends and mornings. Rest assured though, we won't roster you on every single Sunday - unless you want to!

  • Is the roster flexible, what if I have uni/exams/Saturday sport etc?

    Our Store Managers do an amazing job in juggling the needs of their team. We have a great system for managing staff availability to allow for things such as uni, exams or other engagements. In most cases we can make it work.

  • What are the typical hours and length of shifts?

    Shifts vary in length from 3 hours to a full 8 hour day. To get a job with Bean Squeeze, you'll need to be available for both morning and afternoon shifts. Typical morning shifts would be from 7am - 10am, and a typical afternoon shift would be 2pm - 6pm. A long shift would begin 15 minutes before our opening time. Each store has different opening hours, with the earliest being 5am.

  • How much will I get paid?

    We pay all of our store employees above award wages, and penalty rates prior to 6am and for any weekend hours worked.

  • Do you provide a uniform?

    We provide Bean Squeeze aprons. You can then wear your own clothes, we like to keep things smart casual - you'll just need to wear closed toe shoes for safety.

  • Can I get a job as a Bean Squeeze Manager?

    Maybe. At each store, we have a Store Manager and an Assistant Manager. Many of our management team members have been part of the Bean Squeeze family for years. In saying that, there's absolutely potential for you to work towards a manager position with us. We love to hear from people interested in joining us in a Trainee Manager position as they're available too.