In March 2006, Bean Squeeze co-founders Doji Singer and Andrew Pec opened the first Bean Squeeze store in Mercer St, central Geelong. Since then, our small team of 8 dedicated staff has grown to over 100 staff members, and we've expanded to 8 locations in and around Geelong's CBD.

The story so far ...

"I'd just returned home from working as a ski instructor in the States. Like most instructors, I came home with less money than I left with, so I needed to find another job (and quickly!)

I reallly didn't like the prospect of an office job, so I started exploring the idea of starting my own business. I got into the routine of driving down to a local coffee spot each morning for a take away cappuccino, before rushing back home to keep working on business concepts.

Having to find a car park in a crowded spot, then standing around in a packed coffee shop every day, fast became a pain in the you-know-what! It was something entirely new to me, as I'd only started drinking coffee while living in the US and honestly, I didn't like it. It felt jarring and a waste of my time.

It was then I started thinking more about a small drive-thru coffee shack I'd seen in Las Vegas. That was it - the idea I'd been seeking. It was definitely a concept I thought could work back home.

I had a chat to my mate Andrew (or Pec as he's better known) about my drive-thru idea. Pec has a background in building and construction, and he agreed the idea was a good one, deciding to come on board. His skills really came in handy in those early days too. 

We spent the next year and a bit developing everything from the ground up. We laugh about it now, but neither of us had any experience working with coffee or in the hospitality industry - so it was a slow and really complex path.

Finally, in March 2006 we opened our first Bean Squeeze store in Mercer Street, Geelong. Since then, with the help of an incredible team of people, we've opened seven more stores in and around central Geelong, built and fitted out a kitchen facility and launched our food offer.

Our guiding philosophy is 'leave happier.' It's the something we keep in mind and draw on to help us make decisions here. If we can make your or our staff's day just a little better, we will - I've come to realise coffee is kinda magic in that way too."

- Doji