Frequently Asked Questions

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Will Bean Squeeze expand to other locations outside of Geelong?

We’re proudly locally owned and operated. For now, we’re working on a couple of new sites around the Greater Geelong area, but don’t have plans to extend out further.

Is Bean Squeeze a franchise?

No, Bean Squeeze is a privately held business. We’re proudly locally owned and operated and don’t have any plans to franchise.

Do you offer a loyalty card?

We don’t (yet!). We have tested a number of ideas, though we haven’t yet seen a system that would work well for us. Service time is just not something we will compromise on. If we went with a conventional loyalty card system, it might only add 5 seconds for every customer we serve, but each of those extra 5 second blocks quickly adds up for someone who’s just pulled in to one of the stores. As soon as we do come across a system that will work within our business needs (so, without impacting service times), we’ll happily do it. If you have an idea for us, we’d love to hear it. Please email Oh, and in the meantime, we’ll do everything we possibly can to make sure you leave happier :)

Is Bean Squeeze open on public holidays?

Yes, except for Christmas day. We would never leave you with coffee for more than a day ;) Please keep an eye on our social media feeds for special hours info, or you can check individual store listings via google (we’ll always make sure to update the info there).

Is it drive through coffee or drive thru coffee?

We asked our resident grammarian whether we should spell things as drive through, or drive thru. Technically, it’s the first way, but we ended up using the second (because drive through just looks weird, right?!) Rest assured tho, for any shortcuts we take in spelling, we take no shortcuts in prepping your coffee and food.


Can I get nutritional information for your products?

Yes, we have nutritional information available for all of our food items and smoothies. You can view and download the info here.

Who makes Bean Squeeze food products?

We do! We have a custom built kitchen at our HQ in Grovedale. In 2016, we built out the space, hired a team of chefs and expanded our menu with a bevy of wholesome food products. Our kitchen is just across the highway from our Torquay Road store and we deliver each of our house made-from-scratch eats and treats each day, to every one of our eight stores around Geelong.


What coffee does Bean Squeeze use?

We use Coffee Supreme’s signature blend. The very aptly named Supreme espresso blend is based around Central American coffees. Supreme offers complexity and depth with a sweet, caramel finish. It’s designed to mix elegantly with milk and delivers a refined, zesty espresso.
More here: Coffee Supreme

What milks does Bean Squeeze use?

We have a variety of dairy, non-dairy and nut milks available at all of our stores. We proudly use Sungold Low Fat dairy milk, MilkLab Almond milk, Bonsoy Soy Milk and Pure Harvest Coco Quench Milk. More here:

Sun Gold
Milk Lab
Bon Soy
Pure Harvest

Is your hot chocolate made with powder or syrup?

We use Fraus’ DLux Drinking Chocolate powder. It’s a blend of 4 signature cocoas, combined with cocoa solids and natural vanilla.
More here: Fraus

Is your chai made with tea leaves, powder or syrup?

All of our teas are made by Tea Drop. We use their Malabar Chai whole leaf tea pouches. It is a tea of spicy & complex body, with a deliciously smooth finish. Ingredients include pure black tea, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, star anise, rose petals, ginger & natural chai flavour.
More here: Tea Drop

Help! what do your cup sizes mean?

Small - 8oz or 236ml
Mid - 12oz or 354ml
Stretch - 16oz or 473ml
Deluxe - 20oz or 591ml

Please keep in mind.....this is just the volume size of our cups and does not represent the amount or volume of drink that will be in each size cup.

Where do you get your juices from?

We sell Juice Culture Cold Pressed Juice. Juice Culture is another locally owned business and cold press fresh, Australian grown produce with no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. The juices are not heat treated, don’t use pulp nor any concentrated ingredients. We have three of their varieties available: Orange Naturelle - Fresh seasonal oranges Envy (Green) - Mint, baby spinach, celery, oranges, apples, lemon Circus (Apple/Mango) - Mango, passionfruit, rhubarb, lemon, apples, orange.

Can you reuse or recycle coffee stoppers?

Yes, and yes. We do provide coffee stoppers when requested for multi-drink orders. The stoppers can be washed and reused, and are also accepted in commingled home recycling systems (local council collected). As at August 2018, we're also working with our supplier on a compostable solution and expect it to be available in 2019.

Do you make the best coffee in geelong?

Best coffee is a relative term. Some people like a strong cappuccino, others love a hazelnut latte and for some, the best coffee is a cup of tea. We’re more concerned about what you like personally, rather than what’s ‘the best’. What we will say is, the best coffee is the coffee you like. After all, you’re the best judge. Or are you? (!)


What is your position on responsible sourcing?

We are very particular about who we partner with and our focus has and will remain on working with the very best.

When it came to sourcing ingredients, we knew we wanted to use local suppliers for our food products. We are really proud to work with a bunch of our region’s best producers including Sungold Milk, Raven’s Creek Farm, Harvey’s of Highton, Mount Zero Olive Oil as well as Bannockburn Free Range Chicken.

What is your position on single use packaging?

Like many Australians and Australian business’ we’ve learnt much more about single use packaging - particularly plastics and their impact in recent years.
When it came to sourcing our cups and food packaging, again, we wanted to use the best. Packaging that's going to leave our planet happier. After careful consideration, we partnered with leading Australian packaging business, BioPak. Currently we use the following BioPak products:

Paper BioCups and BioBowls

  • Paper is sustainably sourced from certified managed plantations
  • Bioplastic coating is made from plants not oil and dissolved during the paper recycling process
  • Recyclable & commercially compostable
  • Carbon neutral product

Plastic BioCups

  • Bioplastic is made from plants not oil, reducing our dependance on fossil resources
  • Producing bioplastic results in 76% less carbon emission than regular plastic
  • Carbon neutral product

Paper BioStraws

  • Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified paper from managed plantations
  • Recyclable & home compostable
  • Carbon neutral product

We have huge amounts of respect for BioPak's approach. They design and manufacture food service packaging from rapidly renewable, plant-based materials that can be diverted from landfill and supports the move towards a circular economy.

Where we recently made the switch from plastic to paper straws, we’re now looking at what more we can do to reduce our use of other plastics, reuse where we possibly can and importantly, recycle what we can’t (yet!). We’re just getting started, and we’ll never stop seeking to learn more, so we can do better.

More here:

Bio Pak

Last Straw

We currently use Detpak Paper bags and quilted paper napkins. While we absolutely encourage people to bring their own cups, when it’s not practical or convenient, BioCups and lids are the most sustainable alternative.

Do you offer a discount for reusable cups?

Yes we do. We offer a 20c discount on any drink when you bring your own cup. The vessel must have a lid and the cup must be clean (because: OHS and good manners).

Why can't you wash any dirty reusable cups?

We can't offer a cup washing service at any our stores. It's an OHS issue and we've been advised not to accept any dirty cups as they pose potential cross-contact, handling and safety risks within our store environments.

Why did you change to paper straws?

For us, decreasing the impact our business has on our oceans and the environment is an ongoing priority. We’re not afraid to change something if there’s improvements we can make in doing so, and have done just that with our switch from using plastic to paper straws in March 2018. In short, plastic straws suck! (pun absolutely intended). 'Every plastic straw used takes over 200 years to decompose, is not recyclable and among the top 10 debris items globally. Currently, 10 million plastic straws are used in Australia, every day.' In making this small change, we hope our customers will understand why. We see it as a further step to reduce our impact and heavy reliance on products that are only used for a matter of minutes, but have a negative impact that lasts lifetimes.

More here:

Bio Pak

Last Straw

Why did you change from bottled to boxed still water?

Our switch from selling single use bottled still water to Carton & Co boxed still water is for all the same reasons we swapped plastic for paper straws. 'Plastic bottles and plastic bags are the most prevalent form of pollution found on our beaches and in our oceans. There are now more than 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in every square mile of the ocean.' Carton & Co ship their cartons flat, reducing their carbon footprint and fill them with pure water, right here in Australia. The majority of their cartons are made from FSC certified, biodegradable and compostable paperboard. It's a big step forward when you consider the average plastic water bottle can take over 450 years to biodegrade.

More here:

Carton and Co Water

Can you reuse or recycle coffee stoppers?

Yes, and yes. We do provide coffee stoppers when requested for multi-drink orders. The stoppers can be washed and reused, and are also accepted in commingled home recycling systems (local council collected). As at August 2018, we're also working with our supplier on a compostable solution and expect it to be available in 2019.


I have a product/marketing idea for Bean Squeeze, how can I get in touch?

Great! We’re always up for new ideas. Please email Stacey at

I’m organising a fundraiser and I’d love your support, how can I get in touch?

We try and help out local fundraisers with gift cards if we can possibly can. Please email some info about your idea or event to Stacey at

If you have not found what you’re looking for, please get in touch here.