Drive-thru, but different.

Sure, the logo and paint colours are the same, but every Bean Squeeze store is unique - as are the staff, regulars and other customers who make it their local.

With 9 stores dotted around Geelong, each was designed to both look and feel apart of who we are, but also to best use the space, location and in Port Rd’s case, showcase dem palms! #🌴

From concept to build, every detail was considered. So while you’ll never see a speaker box at any of our stores, you will see hanging planters and beautiful gardens, a spot to sit on those slower days as well as hand-drawn illustrations of Geelong and surrounds.


We understand you may only be with us for a minute or two each day, but in that 90 or so seconds of cruising from the order to collect window, we hope you enjoy the view.

One more thing, the ground cover plant we use? Juniperus sabina (Savin Juniper)!

*Drives straight to local nursery, coffee in hand.*