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Our culture.

Our guiding philosophy for our customers and for our team is "leave happier".

For our team this means creating a workplace that is fun and enjoyable. A workplace that provides friendships, learning, challenges and ongoing support and encouragement.
For our customers this means a place that is always warm and welcoming, with genuinely friendly service. A place that is easy and hassle-free, where they know the products will be the absolute best.

If we improve people's day even just a little bit......we are achieving our goal.

Our values.



Taking care of everyone in the Bean Squeeze family is priority number one

Creating a fun and engaging work place

Being supportive and encouraging



Going above and beyond

Being meaningful and genuine

Doing whatever it takes to help people have a better day

Smiling and being friendly



Never cutting corners or dropping our standards

Always striving to improve and make things better



Making everything we do easy for our customers

Always making Bean Squeeze a convenient place to go

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**Scroll to the bottom of the page to see any available jobs.

Any questions?

Here are some of the more common things we get asked.
Feel free to get in touch here if we didn't answer your question.

  • Why would I want to join Bean Squeeze?

    Because you'll meet great new people, have a fun and social work environment get heaps of training.......and we have great staff parties!!

  • I don't have coffee making experience... can I still get a job?

    Absolutely. Actually we almost prefer new staff to have no experience, that way we can train you in our way of doing things.

  • Can I choose which store I will work at?

    Not always. We know you might prefer one particular store because of where you live or people you know, but we might only have positions available at a different store. You can always put in a request to move stores after you start.

  • Will I have to work weekends?

    Yes......but not every weekend. We try to be extremely flexible and fair with rosters. To get a job with us you will have to be available on weekends but we won't roster you on every single Sunday (unless you want to).

  • Is the roster flexible.....what if I have uni exams?

    Our Store Managers do an amazing job in juggling the needs of their team. We have a great system for putting in requests for days off to allow for things such as exams or other engagements.

  • What are the typical hours and length of shifts?

    Shifts vary in length from 3 hours to a full 8 hour day. Typical morning shifts would be from 7am - 11am, typical afternoon shift 2pm - 6:15pm. An all day shift would begin 15 minutes before our opening time. See Locations for opening hours.

  • I'm in high school......can I work at Bean Squeeze?

    Everyone who works at Bean Squeeze is required to do some morning shifts during the week. These shifts clash with school hours......so no, we are unable to have high school students working. But we would love to hear from you once you've left school.

  • Do you provide a uniform?

    We provide Bean Squeeze aprons. You will then be required to also wear smart casual attire with closed toe shoes for safety.

  • Can I get a job as a Manager?

    Maybe. At each store there is a Store Manager and and Assistant Manager. We would also love to hear from people interested in joining us in a Trainee Manager position. Have a look here for available positions.

Positions available.

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Please make sure you have read over our "CULTURE AND VALUES" SECTION before you apply for a job.